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meet maegan.

I’m what some may call a creative mastermind. I’ve been obsessed with all things artsy and creative since I was knee-high. With my decade-long design experience and branding wizardry
I will take your business to the next level. I’m a logistical powerhouse and a visionary who helps bring dreams to life
with exceptional attention to detail and an eye for design. I’m also a mom to some pretty awesome kiddos. But enough about me – let's talk about you! Whether you're a small business owner
or a fellow creative, I'm here to turn your vision into reality. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together!

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life nuggies.





back story.

Picture this: a youngster with a camera, a dreamer with a vision. Yep, that was me. From field trip escapades to family gatherings, my lens was a perpetual sidekick. It was clear — I was destined for a life where memories weren't just lived; they were preserved.

Fast forward to the halls of Western Kentucky University's photojournalism program. I felt like I stepped into a scene as a quirky character in a coming-of-age flick. Quipped with my quirks and boundless enthusiasm, I was set to embrace my passion. And embrace it I did amidst a tribe of kindred spirits. They not only supercharged my skills, but also added layers of growth to my personal journey.

Amidst the lectures and assignments, I embarked on a parallel adventure of parenthood. Balancing textbooks and babies became an new art to master, and the process taught me the delicate dance of work-life harmony. 


But wait, there's more! Just as my lens was focusing on this newly drawn path, life threw a curveball. I stumbled into a world of newspaper design — talk about a plot twist! I wasn't content with sticking to one script; oh no, I had to dabble in every scene learning secrets from every corner like Sherlock Holmes. My curiosity became my superpower, and I was on a mission to absorb more knowledge.

And then it happened — a call like no other. A call to be there for my pint-sized partners-in-crime, to be present and vigilant in their hidden health journeys. The decision was bold, but so was my resolve. I had a pocketful of design skills, a business toolkit, and a relentless amount of medical duties at hand. So I took the leap.

I designed this digital home from the blueprints up. With that being said, welcome to maegan made, a place where creativity stretches its legs and welcomes visitors with open arms. But hold up, it's not just my show — it's a collaborative masterpiece! Together, we're shaping an atmosphere and a community that dances to the beat of our unique needs and dreams.

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